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Stay by Carol Banawa

One of the singers in the local industry that I adore because of her amazing voice is Carol Banawa. I’m so glad that Carol is back here in Philippines, even though for her few months of visit here it will leave us a wonderful time because she will be having a new album. It’s her singing come back after few years that she’s gone in the limelight. We all miss her singing and now I’m posting her old song entitled Stay.


Halloween Costumes Ideas

Yesterday evening, my aunt and her son visited us. I heard from her about the Halloween disco party of her son that will be held in school. And so I asked the kid if he knew this kind of party. He was very talkative that is why I enjoy talking to him. He was very vocal explaining to me what the upcoming party was all about. Well, he had some point in his explanation because he had some idea already about the party. It’s not the first time that he joined this Halloween costume party, but his second time. And so his excited that even it still few months to go, he already planned what costumes he wants to wear. My aunt wants to be well prepaid this time for the upcoming Halloween for her son. And so she asked us if we have some awesome Halloween costumes ideas. A costume that is simple but unique. Though, the kid was very vocal that he wants to wear some scary mask costumes. So well see it when the party comes.

I Do with Enchong and Erich

My younger sister love to watch this Filipino movie entitled “I Do”. The main cast of this movie is Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales. It’s their first movie ever on the big screen. And for sure all their avid supporters are excited to watch this movie. The trailer looks funny, it’s a romantic comedy so for sure lots of laugh inside the cinema.

Elegant furniture

Recently, a friend of mine just moved to their new house and she invited me to visit her. It was my first time to visit in her new house and I like how she arranged all her stuff. The wall color was nice it makes the house looks neater because of the painted wall. Since some of their furniture doesn’t look nice anymore, they couple decided to purchase some brand new Furniture such as dining table and living room. My friend asked me if I like the design of their new furniture. And without any pause I directly say Yes, I like it because it really looks nice. She smiled to me and said that she’s the one who choose for the design. So I praised her that she has a good taste in choosing an elegant furniture.


Princess – Bad Romance version

First time I heard her Bad Romance version in and wow, I love it. She has an amazing voice. She has the beauty and of course the talent. She’s one of the singers that I look forward to watch ever Sunday at ASAP XV.


Power tools

My uncle who has been working for many years in a construction encountered some problems in his power tools. Some of it did not function so well and it bothered him because it’s the hindrance in his work. Well, for sure if we encountered this kind of problem, it also starts to annoy us. Like we want everything to be done fast, but due to some reason that we can’t finish it as we expected because of the certain problems. Luckily last week, he finally got a new power tools and it made him so happy. He can start working again. Everything goes smooth and easy. And another thing that made him happy was the present that he got from his sister. Guess what it was, it’s a new drills and saw that he can use for his work. Wow! He got few latest things and it made him feel so happy. He set aside now his old stuff and preferred to use the new one.


Enjoyed watching IRON MAN 2

I just finished watching Iron Man 2 here in my room and I like it. The storyline was great and many actions. Just one word I can say, awesome! I really like it and totally I’m fascinated with all the robots that I saw. So whenever you’re looking for an action movie, then this Iron Man 2 is recommended to watch at home together with your family, friends or even with your loved ones *wink*. Now I can say that I had completed to watch Iron Man 1 and 2 woho00.

Watch the trailer of the movie: