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Goodbye Wowowee, see you Pilipinas Win na Win

What a tearful afternoon at Wowowee today. They had to say goodbye to all the viewers because starting tomorrow no more Wowowee show anymore. That’s why today, the main host of the show including Luis Manzano who temporarily replace Willie Revillame gave his speech as well. I felt so touch that they had to say goodbye because the show runs already for years and I admit that many avid viewers watch their program because they all want to be entertained. However, it’s the management decision that they will replace the Wowowee to Pilipinas Win na win. The main hosts of the new noon time show are still Mariel, Vallerie, Pokwang and introducing Robin Padilla and Kris Aquino. Good luck to the new noon time show.



XB Gensan : The First Ultimate Champion in Showtime

Congratulations to XB Gensan group for winning as the first Ultimate Champion of Showtime. Wow! They deserved to win the title. From the very beginning of the show, they were my bet already. Their performance was awesome that beat the other contestant of the show.


Showtime Season 2 soon to begin

After the first grand finals of Showtime, the Showtime season 2 will begin on Monday, July 26, 2010. To the avid Showtimer, don’t worry that the first season ends because the next season will be open. Another everyday morning that give us fun and excitement, ooh…I can’t wait to see the Season 2. I just wonder if the main host are still the same or they will add extra host in the program, such as Jhong Hillario *wink*.

I’m looking for a rustic bedroom furniture

I used to have a house full with colorful furniture, nice decorations on the walls, floor, tables and cabinets. What I noticed about myself was that after a day of stress at my work I came home and didn’t feel comfortable in my own house. It felt like the walls were too closed on me and that my mind was spinning around. Even in my bedroom I didn’t feel really relaxed and comfortable. I found out that I felt more relaxed when I sat outside in my garden or in the park. What needed to change in my house was the furniture, I need furniture gives me a more relaxed comfortable feeling and puts my mind to rest. I started with my bedroom because this is the room that I spend most of my time in and it is also my study room. I’m planning to replace my old bedroom furniture into rustic bedroom furniture. I like this kind of furniture because I find it too unique because it’s very rare to see it. Aside that it’s comfortable to lay; it also makes me feel that I’m closer to nature. It helps me to relax my mind during stressful day at work.


Sarah G. concert in CDO

Are you Sarah G. fanatic? Good news to all the avid fans of Sarah Geronimo, she will be having a concert in Cagayan de Oro city this coming August 6, 2010 at the Limketkai Athrium. It’s our chance now to witness her live performance on stage. So buy your ticket now!


Upcoming Grand Finals of Showtime

We cannot wait anymore for the upcoming grand finals of Showtime. For those people who don’t know what I’m referring too. Showtime is a program that aired every morning at ABS-CBN channel. It’s truly a program that will entertain us every day. And a program that will help those people who have some talent and that they can show their talent to everyone and be proud of it.

This coming Saturday, July 24, 2010 will be the grand finals of Showtime. We are all excited and at the same time curious, wondering who will win in the contest. There are many good contestants, I’m very sure that all the judges will be having a hard time to decide. So to all the avid fans of Showtime, good luck and let’s enjoy together.


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