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Cheap banner stands

A week ago, I was chatting with my brother through the net. He is a college student and so I asked him about his school curricular that he joins and of course his performance at school. Lately, I don’t see him online because he’s always busy with school and other activities. When I got a chance to chat with him, I heard so many stories about his school. My brother loves to discover new things and when he finds it interesting, he will not quit that easy, he will always try his best to know it, such as learning some musical instruments, rapping, magic tricks etc., And these past few days, one thing that makes him busy is the school activity that they have. He was looking for a cheap banner stands that they will be used at school. Well, it took so long for them to find an affordable banner stands, but luckily after few days of searching together with his classmates, they finally found it.

Movie : Ice Castle – 2010

Yesterday, I got a chance to watch the new movie entitled Ice Castle. The Ice castle movie is all about ice skating figure. Oh…I enjoy watching this kind of movie, I don’t know why, but I’m very fascinated with the ice skating figure. Although I don’t know how to skate, but watching a movie gives me already an exciting feeling, and so I enjoy it. I remembered that I started to like ice skating figure movie when I first watched the old Ice Castle movie (1978). It caught my attention the way the lady skate, the music theme entitled “Looking through the eyes of love” and the story of the movie. After watching the movie, I started to look forward to some other ice skating figure movie and yes I did it. I guess I almost see already all the ice skating figure movie and I enjoy it. The New Ice Castle movie is a bit the same story as the old Ice Castle.

Ice Castle (2010) Summary:

Alexis Winston is a young girl who dreams of becoming a champion figure skater. While practicing, Alexis suffers a terrible accident that takes her sight and threatens to destroy her dreams. In the midst of feeling sorry for herself she falls in love with a handsome young man named Nick who (with help from her family) helps her to realize that she can still fulfill her dreams.

Circular saw blades

My parents house is a two storey building, but the second floor still not totally furnish. Many things that still need to finish, but can’t finish it yet because lacking of financial budget. Every time my papa has some extra money, he asked my uncle, who is a carpenter, to continue it piece by piece. My papa builds that second floor for a room for rent. It has five rooms and a small kitchen space; well furnish comfort room and a balcony for relaxation.

However, these past few days, my papa and uncle were planning to continue to work the second floor again. One of my uncle’s materials that he used in working the second floor is the circular saw blades. Do you know what that is for? The circular saw is a metal disc or blade with saw teeth on the edge as well as the machine that causes the disk to spin. It is a tool for cutting wood or other materials and may be hand-held or table-mounted. It can also be used to make narrow slots (dados). Most of these saws are designed with a blade to cut wood, but may also be equipped with a blade designed to cut masonry, plastic, or metal. When you have this saw blades, then cutting the wood goes smooth and fast. Therefore, the working process is done fast.

ABS-CBN Summer ID 2010

I enjoy watching the ABS-CBN summer ID for 2010. So I want to share this to all kapamilya fan. Enjoy watching!


Searching for a web hosting site

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine was planning to have a web hosting site. At first I did not know what web hosting is or what the main purpose for web hosting is. As I look through the net, I found this information about web hosting service. It is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web (www). Therefore, many people can access your site through the net, like if you plan to share some music, games, movies or etc… However, looking for a web hosting site should also be something reliable that you can ensure to yourself that it’s trustworthy. Whenever you feel like you want to host a site, then availing this webhosting site is one way to share your files, programs or anything that you want to share to people who love to visit your site. After surfing and gathering some ideas about web hosting, I find it very interesting. Well, my friend likes it so much, I’m pretty sure that few weeks or month, then I just hear it from her that she has her own web hosting site that want me to visit for.


Movie marathon while im in the plane

I had a great time watching some movies in the plane. For about 14 hours long in travel, I only watch 3 movies, isn’t it long enough, huh? The movies that I watch are Blind Side, Twilight Saga and Fame. Well, I did not finish the whole movie of fame because it a bit boring. The rest of the time either I took some nap or play some games in the TV screen, just killing the time while waiting for the arrival.


Article Directory

What a busy day since yesterday and finally I have a break now to sit, relax and just look some files that I miss at home. I could not remember all the files I save at home, but for the meantime, I only remember the music and games compilation that I have. I have lots of music and games that I forgot to copy in my hard disk and now I’m looking that again. I need some directories that will guide me on where I got those old files. Article directory are a form of Search Engine Optimization where companies and professional writers submit articles based on a specific niche. It’s very useful to use this directory service; you can search something you need most. Your time will not be waste because it gives information to the related topic that you are searching for.