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Your insurance needs

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PBB Double Up Big Winner

The Big winner

I heartily congratulate Melisa Cantiveros as the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. Followed by Melisa were Paul Jake Castillo as second placer, Jason Francisco as third place, Johan Santos as fourth place and the last is Steve “Tibo” Jumalon. Congratulation also for the four men.

Melisa, the lone woman in the Big 5, got the most number of text votes that enabled her to beat the four male finalists.


Eager to watch a movie

My brother’s friend is a movie addict. Every time that there’s a new movie in the cinema that he thinks that it’s very interesting, he doesn’t miss to watch that in the big screen. And he always shared to us about the movie and gave a comments and conclusion about it. Sometimes he likes the movie so much, but sometimes he will say that it’s a bit boring, not much action or so. I noticed it that he wants to be updated on the latest movie that release in the cinema and start to look forward already for the upcoming movies. However, last two weeks ago, he was so eager to watch an old movie that he missed to watch before. But sad to say that it’s not in the cinema anymore, so he’s looking an alternative way to watch that movie and he came up with the idea to search the movie through the net. He came across these video torrents that help him to find the movie that he was looking for. So when he visited here at home, he had a big smile already and informed to us that his done watching the movie and he enjoyed it so much.


PBB – The big 5 proclaimed

A few days ago, the PBB (Pinoy Big brother) big five was proclaimed. Out of more than 20 housemates, only five housemates remained. And tonight is the big night of PBB, I’m so excited already, I can’t wait for it anymore. I wonder who will be the lucky winner of PBB. The big five are considered already the winners, but the viewers need to select who will be the big winner and that is through text vote.

Who among the five housemates will be chosen as the big winner of PBB, either Johan, Melissa, Jason, Paul Jake or Tibo.


Looking for music to download

I’m an avid fan of a reality show here in the Philippines called PBB or Pinoy Big brother. It runs on TV for about four months already I think. As I keep watching the show, I often hear this song entitled “Its Gonna Make Sense.” I started to like it when I first heard it because it’s very meaningful and it fits in the show. The song became known here already and it plays in the FM station sometimes. When I’m inside my room and I heard this song in the living room, then I directly run out in my room and just listen to that song in the living room. Later, I found out that it’s to hassle to wait and wait on the FM station because I’m not in control on the time that they play the song. So I decide to do some Music Search and I’m very happy that for just few minutes in searching, I finally found it so quick at rapidshare search engine, a useful search engine that helps you to download some music, games, movies and many more. Now, I can play this music any time, any day. No more waiting anymore and just enjoy the time that I can listen with all the music that I like.


The Finale of May Bukas Pa

Yesterday was the finale of the Filipino series called, May Bukas Pa. May Bukas Pa was aired at ABS-CBN and it was running on TV for a year I guess. It’s one of the inspiring series that I enjoyed to watch, it’s not just because I got entertained by Santino, (the wonder boy in the series) but it also gave moral lesson in everyone’s lives. It’s a series that sometimes gave me teary eyes every time I watch it because of the story that touches my heart. And as the finale yesterday, it was really a heart warming ending, something unique, but you come up with a conclusion. Everyone at home, we thought that Santino died, after the incident that happened to him. And the finale trailer, it also appeared that the whole village people were mourning because of his “death”. As we watched yesterday, there’s twist on the story, therefore, Santino was alive and that’s what makes a story happy ending because he is back again in this world where all the people who love and care are waiting.

Therefore, if it’s really not our time to leave in this wonderful world, God will send us back to continue our respective mission in life. Life is a wonderful gift that is given to us by God, we should be thankful and enjoy it. And in everything that happened in our lives, God has a reason for it and probably he has another plan for us. Like Santino said: “huwag mawalan ng pag-asa” (never lose hope) because God is always there for us.


Beyonce in Grammy Award 2010

Beyonce, an R&B singer won six awards during the 52nd Grammy Awards, wow! It’s very amazing. She deserves it and for sure all her fans is now rejoicing for her achievement. Many of her songs were hit not only in the US but almost all over the world and the awards that she received are the prize for all her hard work.

Beyonce received 10 nominations this year including “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year.” She already won four awards during the pre-telecast ceremony — Best Contemporary R&B Album for I Am . . . Sasha Fierce, Best Traditional R&B Performance for “At Last,” and best female R&B performance for her hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” which also won best R&B song. Beyonce is the evening’s biggest winner

Congratulation Beyonce !!