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Dakota Fanning is WOW

The young and beautiful actress Dakota Fanning is now a lovely teenager. When I read this news of her, it flashback me those old movies where she was one of the main cast. I follow some of her movies when she was still a kid, I considered her as one of the best child actress in those times. She is really good in acting and I like the way she delivered her words, it’s very clear and so good to listen

Take a look in her photos, she looks adorable and great pose.

The Fashionable look of Dakota

The recent pictures of Dakota during the red carpet
Seven-year-old Dakota walked down her first red carpet at the premiere of I Am Sam in 2001.


Zac Efron prefer to be looked neat

The High School Musical star loves to see people looking their best. According to him, he notice fashion on other people, and he always enjoy when people try to look their best. Well, Zack has a reason why he wants to be looking neat; recently he revealed that he looks after his appearance so people don’t think he’s on drugs or having some kind of breakdown. He has a point in that, being a celebrity, you’re life became an open book to everyone and many eyes were looking at you on what you were doing, either good or bad. However, Zack said, “I’ve always been taught to try and look my best and that’s probably my main influence — I’m not looking to influence fashion any more than the next guy, but I do try and look my best when I’m out and representing my movies.”

Well, everyone has its own styles in fashion, some looks in an elegant way with their very neat outfit while other people find fashion with their dirty look outlook; I guess it’s a matter of choice.

My Swarovski Bracelet

Not all women like to have some bracelets in their wrist, I notice some friends of mine or friends of my younger sister, and they don’t appreciate much the beauty of bracelets. However me and my sisters, we all like to have something in our wrist, like bracelets. We just feel that it adds some fashion when we have something to wear.

Just a simple bracelet but looks elegant, it’s my Swarovski bracelet that I personally made intended for myself. Since I like some shiny thing to display in my wrist, I decided to create my own bracelet with my style and interest. I like butterflies and dolphins, so I decided to make a butterfly charm to add some beauty. Well, it looks fashionable now and I can pair it with my light color blouses.

Miley Cyrus in her lovely gowns

Miley is best known for her on-screen Hannah Montana persona – a very ambitious pop singer who conceals her true identity from her friends – but in real life, her singing career is also taking off very well, too!
Take a look the elegant outlook of Miley, mostly in her photo’s here, she looks gorgeous. Recently she just turned 17 and she has gone a long way from being a child star to a teen queen. Time goes fast and Miley bloom into a beautiful young lady. Take a look the pictures of Miley wearing a different style of dresses.
Wearing a pretty little mermaid! Designed by Zuhair Murad, this tiered bejeweled mermaid gown had us at fish scales.

She wore a classic black Herve Leger by Max Azria.

Miley is all sophiscated in this oriental-inspired dress.

Wearing an angelic white as she wears a Sheri Bodell dress.

She worked the one-shoulder dress with embellished sequins to near perfection! Absolutely a gem, this one!

In this mini Herve Leger dress, She brings the 80’s back with those rad shoulder pads

Oprah’s Upcoming Interview with President Obama and Wife Michelle

Oprah Winfrey announced that she will have an interview next month with the US President Obama together with his wife Michelle. The interview will be air just before Christmas, I can’t wait for this anymore, and I’m excited, this could be something special. To all the viewers, this is the time that we are waiting for. The title of this special interview is “Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special” which will be air at 10 PM on the 13th of December at ABC.
It said that “The intimate, informative and entertaining hour long special will include a one-on-one conversation with the president, marking the first time Oprah has interviewed him since he took office, as well as an exclusive sit-down interview with the first couple,”

We are looking forward this upcoming interview.

Some Celebrities outfit during the American Music Awards

Fabulous outfit of some celebrities who join the American Music Award, all their outfit were very impressive, with its own style, design and fashion outlook. I decided to post it here because there outfit looks gorgeous, I’m pretty sure that many people notice it how lovely they are in that night.

Carrie Underwood wearing the lovely cobalt blue strapless gown and statement necklace. I love this dress because it looks elegant, very formal and the color is very attractive to me because I adore blue so much.

Eva Mendes wearing a classic updo with flouncy Monique Lhuillier frock and a perfect pair of black peep-toes.

Claire Danes wearing a silver Herve Leger mini, chunky cuff, and pink Sergio Rossi heels. Simple but sexy to watch.

Jennifer Lopez pulled herself together backstage and ended up looking like a million bucks in a curve-enhancing cut-out dress courtesy of Gucci. This is one of the most stylish outfit, the shoes and the dress looks a perfect pair.

Whitney Houston wearing a fabulous one-shoulder Kaufman Franco column gown with a genuine smile.

Fergie, who looked absolutely divine in her red Dolce & Gabbana mini, sparkling Christian Louboutin pumps, and millions worth of diamonds. Wow! Looks fantastic to her and her shoes, its very beautiful, I love it.

Evan Rachel wearing one of the fashion house’s glittering minis and strappy sandals. The color of her dress perfectly fits for her.

Black wedding gown

The most common gown colors that every bride wears are white, in fact when I got married. I have an elegant white bridal gown that was personally made by me. But how is it then if some people prefer to get married with her black wedding gown. Take a look in this photo, both couple wear black especially the bride. Traditionally, black color saved for funerals and looking street chic, is the new color choice for wedding dresses among modern brides. Maybe they have some reasons behind that why they prefer to wear a black gown instead a normal white one, maybe brides’ desire to buy a dress that they can wear more than once. Well, that could be one possible reason or whatever reasons behind on it, it’s their own choice and decision as long they are happy that they are finally got married and that is more important.